Whole30 Has Opened My Eyes

Well guys, I’m on day 12 of the Whole30 and I’m doing GREAT!  I was really worried if I would be able to keep up with everything Whole30 but I joined a facebook group, did research, I’m currently listening to It Starts with Food when I work out, and made sure I had lots of meal ideas pinned.  Interestingly enough all that research and prep didn’t prepare me for how much I was going to LOVE Whole30!  Is it something I will do 100% after the 30 days, no but I plan (as of now) to stay paleo about 80/20% of the time.  I honestly have only missed one thing so far being on this diet and that’s wine…. lol

I feel so much better eating healthy.  The main part of Whole30 is to find out what foods your body reacts poorly too and to detox your body.  I knew grains made me feel gross but I always forget how gross they make me feel until I eliminate them from my diet.  I had no clue that sugar was literally in EVERYTHING!  I looked at my garlic salt the first day of the whole30 and found sugar…. eww!

The downfall of the Whole30 and any lifestyle that eliminates bad ingredients, preservatives and all that other crap is that you have to cook almost solely at home and almost 100% homemade.  It is a lot of work… is it too much work for changing my life? Absolutely not! I used to prep my food all the time each week back when I was healthier and in better shape so I know I can do it.  I’m preparing myself for Sundays again when I spend 3ish hours in the kitchen cooking and then cleaning.  School starts next Tuesday so this weekend is week 1 of prepping ALL my food and having meals already broken into each serving so I can grab and go.  Wish me luck!!

Hope everyone else is doing well with their fitness journey or whatever journey they are on 🙂

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How the Whole30 Has Been so Far…

Well guys it’s day 3 for me into my life change, starting with the whole30.  I was super prepared.  I made grocery lists, went to the stores I needed to, prepared my food, and prepped my fitness planner.

I used post its so that I had the flexibility of changing my meals if I wanted to throughout the week.  I gave myself only three goals for the week because I didn’t want to lose track of the main goals.  I have a weigh in meeting each Saturday so that’s why I have the scale sticker at the bottom of Saturday.  In order to stay on track I tried to make this as fun and colorful as I could.  I need color and fun stuff in my life if I’m going to stay on track with rough goals, such as losing weight and getting healthy.IMG_2815.JPG

I made basically all my meat and meals ahead of time except for shrimp, which I guess isn’t considered a meat.  I found a new best friend in the kitchen while I was cooking, my food processor.  I’ve had it for awhile and never knew what the metal part was, the part that has the shredder and slicer on it…. I decided to youtube a how to use it and used it the whole time I cooked…. It cut my cooking time in half at least!  Here’s pictures of what I made please excuse the photos I’m no photographer.

Here is the Kale, Chicken and Spaghetti Squash Bake.  This was the easiest meal to cook.  img_2801

These are supposed to be Chicken Zucchini Poppers but I didn’t have ground chicken so I used ground turkey.  These are delicious but next time I would use less cilantro.img_2802

These are super yummy too.  Oven Baked Chicken Thighs.  The marinade that I put on these was super green but after cooking it didn’t look nearly as scary LOLimg_2803

You can find all these recipes on my pinterest board here.  I want to make sure everyone gets their credit so I figured this would be the best way to link to where to find them.

So, it seems that I would be all ready right?  I mean I prefer fresh breakfast food and vegetables and since I’m not working or in school I didn’t prep either of those things.  When I head back to my busy schedule I will be prepping EVERYTHING!

Here’s my meals for Day 1.  If you follow me on instagram you may have seen them already, if not follow me at untraditionallife!




My goal was to not snack but I was starving on day one so I ate another banana with almond butter.  I was still hungry the whole day but didn’t let that make me eat more or cheat.  I did research and found I may not be eating enough so I changed accordingly and day 2 was much better.  I thought I was golden.  I wasn’t having the side effects that everyone talks about and then… today/day 3 happened.  I slept in later than I ever do woke up and felt like I was in a daze, just not normal feeling.  I am part of a facebook group for the January whole30 challenge so I asked on there if what I was feeling was normal and they said it was.  I have so much I need to do today and I wanted to go to the gym but I think I’m going to just chill today and focus on drinking water (which is what a lot of people said helps).  I’m hoping tomorrow I feel better and can catch up on everything I need to do.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far!!!  Let me know what you all are up to 🙂

I’m Obsessed with My Fitness Planner

Yes I know it’s Christmas Eve… So why am I blogging? Because I already celebrated Christmas last week when my mom was in town.  I didn’t go home this year and surprisingly I’m totally ok with being alone.  My plans are to sit on the couch with my dogs and watch Christmas movies.

So now for the real reason for this post.  I got the Happy Planner Fitness Planner from Me&My Big Ideas.  This is the exact planner kit I got from Michael’s.  As you can see it is sold out online but I have found some on ebay and I’m sure you can still find it at Michael’s but you better hurry because mine was pretty picked over this morning.  However, if you can find it at Michael’s they have their planners on sale for 60% off!  I usually only buy things from Michael’s if they have sales or I have coupons because I’m a craft-a-holic and would go broke if I shopped regular price.  Here is what I picked up in two different trips except for the pens, those you can get here.


Here is the monthly layout I put together for January.  I have a list of my whole 30 recipes that I have pinned so if I get bored or want to choose something different to eat I can look at the list easily and go to pinterest straight to the pin I want instead of getting distracted for hours lol!  I marked my first and last days of my whole 30 plan and two rest days (those are going to be every Tuesday once school/teaching starts back up).  The Tons of Fun weigh-ins you see are for a group I joined through Fleet Feet Roanoke.  I am going to add Jess’ @ PT contender plank challenge once I get all the information on it :).  50430269168__bcdb4e61-a29d-4c8b-b267-2ac2ce2fb762

Here is a look at the week spread.  I made new lines because one of my goals is to not snack so I crossed out snack and gave myself more room to write my meals.  I focused on three goals for each week and wrote those on the side bar.  I have a feeling once I get used to this planner my weeks will look cuter and (obviously) more filled in.


I just wanted to share what I had done with the planner to make it work better for me.  Of course, everyone has to find their own way of doing things but I know I like to see other examples and take stuff from all the examples I see to make a planner I like.  I bought the extra stickers because the four pages of stickers weren’t enough for me so some of these stickers are from the additional stickers and did not come with the planner kit.  I also bought the washi tape and the borders at the top of the paper are from the Deco Pens shown at the beginning of this post.


  1.  Does you have one particular thing that helps you keep up with your planner?
  2.  Are you keeping a fitness planner for 2017?
  3. What else should I add to my planner?

Wow! It’s been awhile guys…

Hey all, it’s me, the “blogger” who doesn’t blog.  Can I even call myself a blogger if I haven’t blogged in months? My guess is probably not.  I’m on Christmas break from school so I have time again to focus on writing posts.  I don’t have a ton of fun exciting things planned for this break because I’m a broke college student and because I just want to rest.  Blocking (a type of student teaching) wore me out this last semester.  I had a wonderful CT (cooperating teacher), class, and placement but I wanted to take on so much more than I had to that I got overwhelmed and super sick!  With no insurance I didn’t go see a doctor, until a few days ago (over a month of being sick)…. Turns out I have bronchitis.  Advice to everyone… go to the doctor sooner than a month after being sick!

So anyways… my main reason for trying, once again, to keep up with my blog is that I need to keep myself on track with my health and wellness goals.  I don’t want to be unoriginal but it’s time to get myself healthy again and 2017 is going to be that year.  However, because I NEVER start anything on January 1st I will be starting the process of becoming healthy again on December 31st.  I am going to start with Whole 30 and will try to keep up with posting the recipes I use on here.  I used to be super healthy and in shape and I am frustrated that I let myself completely go.  I am hoping that by blogging about my process of getting healthy and back in shape will keep me accountable.  I would love to have supporters and fellow health seekers follow my blog and communicate with me.

My workouts are going to be different then ever before.  I used to run all the time and I have been trying to focus on running again but with my weight and some on going injuries running is not possible right now.  I am going to focus on getting in shape to hike the AT ( disclaimer I have wanted to do this way before the book Wild came out).  I will be doing a lot of cardio but I am going to incorporate weights into my workouts as well.

To keep me accountable offline I am using the Fitness planner from me & my BIG ideas.  I think they maybe sold out online but I was lucky to find mine at Michaels for 30% off about a week ago!  I am going to try to do a post before I start this journey and show you all my planner and my plans.


  1.  Is anyone else making a life changing decision soon?
  2. What do you think of me changing to focus on my fitness goals instead of my random life?
  3. What would you like to see me blog about?

“Words of Wisdom” for Mental Health Awareness Month



Apparently May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health is something that I try not to talk about a lot, not that there is anything wrong with talking about it but the more I talk about it the more I am aware of my struggles. I just wanted to throw out some “words of wisdom” from just a “normal”, everyday person who struggles with her own mental health. These “words of wisdom” are for people who struggle, people who know people who struggle, and basically anyone else.

“Words of Wisdom” (there are “” because, well, who knows how wise I really am lol)

* There is nothing wrong with you!

* You deserve happiness just as much as the next person

* It’s okay to have to depend on medicine (this does NOT mean you are weak!)

* Yes, you have to work harder than “normal” people at “normal” things and feelings but that’s okay.

* Everyone isn’t talking about you

* Don’t be ashamed!

* Your family and friends will try to help you the best they can, remember they are not therapists they can only handle so much. (try to not throw everything on only one person)

* It’s okay to need a “mental health day” just don’t let those days take over your everyday life

* Do things that scare you; the more you work to push yourself out of your comfort zone the more you take control of your life

* Find something that helps you refocus (Mine is praying)

* You are not broken!

* It is not your fault; you did nothing to deserve this!


My mom always tells me “happiness is a choice.” Sometimes I get mad and tell her I don’t have the choice to be happy but that’s not true. Work on changing your self-talk from negative to positive and remember some people have to make the choice to be happy every mili-second of their life (I’m one of those people), it’s okay.

Helping People Go Vegan One Post at a Time



I can’t wait to start interacting with you guys my “blog friends” more now that the semester is over!!!!  I already have started a list of topics that I want to write about and I’m so excited to share them with you.  For this first “summer” post I am going to focus on being vegan.  I know a couple people who have mentioned they are interested in a vegan post with tips and helpful how-tos to get them started on experimenting with eating a vegan diet.  This all came about when a Dr. mentioned to my mom about eating a plant-based diet to help with some health issues (say what?!? a Dr. mentioned changing to a healthy diet instead of prescribing pills!?)  🙂  I was ecstatic when my mom called and told me about this because I loved being vegan and I try to do my best now but I struggle sometimes.
Where I live it is quite hard to be vegan. The grocery stores have very little options and don’t even think about going out to eat!  However, it is easier when I’m not in school because I can pre-make all my food; when I’m in school finding time to prep is extremely hard.  In San Diego being vegan was so simple, it took no extra thought at all (I miss that place!)  I was vegan for about 2 and a half years or so while out there.  Once I moved to the East Coast/the South it became much more difficult and I have been vegan off and on since.  I wanted to let you all know my background with being vegan so you didn’t think I was just making these tips and how-tos up.  I always like to know how much experience someone has with what they are writing about, it gives them credibility.  I am by no means a perfect, know it all vegan and if I write anything that isn’t correct PLEASE leave a comment and let me know!  If you want more information leave a comment and let me know that as well 🙂  Or if you just want to leave any kind of comment go for it!  Okay, now to the point of this post –> Helpful tips and how-tos on going/experimenting with going vegan:

*Some Main Necessities:
Dried Beans (canned if you don’t have time to make them)
Veggies (frozen and fresh)
Milk (almond, hemp, coconut, etc)
Dried seasonings (any kind you like)

*Read food labels!!
I am not going to go through the long list of things that are animal based but I do recommend that you look it up.  When you first start the easiest way is to watch out for: milk, egg, whey, butter, animal anything, cream, the obvious things.  But as you continue to get more serious more research is needed because these companies like to disguise animal byproducts with crazy names.  Also, just because you think something isn’t made with milk or eggs doesn’t mean it’s not in the ingredients!!! I couldn’t believe how many things had milk that didn’t make sense.

There are so many benefits to going vegan that again, I’m not going to list them all.  I also don’t believe in listing benefits I haven’t seen myself.  The biggest benefit I noticed (well ok I didn’t notice this but my Dr. brought it to my attention) is the fact that my cholesterol is the lowest he has ever seen.  My Dr. said that he never sees cholesterol as low as mine without medicine.  That made me really happy because cholesterol isn’t something I pay attention to but I know it’s important.  Also, when I first became vegan I lost a lot of weight, which was great because I was overweight and it made me feel so much better.  Now I don’t notice that it helps me with my weight loss but I know that is a benefit as well.  Being vegan also makes me feel better overall. I can’t completely explain it but when I am not vegan I feel weighed down and sluggish but when I eat (healthy) vegan I feel much lighter and more energized.  I think that the benefits all depend on your body and how you approach being vegan but I personally think it’s worth a try.

*Simple “Recipes” I Love:
Recipes is in quotations because they are not really step by step recipes but things I threw together and began to love and used as staples in my diet.

First, is Baked Veggies.  I always bring this as a side to any holiday feast so I know that there will be at least one thing I can eat and everyone always loves it.  What it is any veggies you like (I use zucchini, squash, peppers, kale or whatever I have that I need to use up!) , potatoes, olive oil, garlic, dried seasonings (oregano, basil, parsley), cayenne pepper, garlic salt.  While you are chopping and prepping the veggies heat the oven to about 400*F Toss it all in a casserole dish. Throw in the oven uncovered for 20 minutes.  Stir and cook for another 20 minutes are so.  The time will depend on how you want your potatoes cooked.  If you are using kale you can add it in the beginning or at the end just depends on how you want your kale cooked as well.  I pair this with Boca Burger veggie patties or sauteed tofu or just black beans.  I also have been known to eat it by itself when it’s still hot, I don’t recommend that LOL

Next, is Kale & Chickpeas.  This is something I can eat almost every night and it’s super easy to make as well.  Buy a bundle of fresh kale and I usually use a can of chickpeas because this is usually a last minute meal so I don’t have beans prepared.  I warm a pan over medium heat with olive oil and add in garlic and sometimes onion.  Wait until the garlic is almost done cooking and throw in the chickpeas (drained) and the kale (washed and cut). Mix together and add cayenne pepper and garlic salt (my main two seasonings). Toss in pan until kale is wilted to your preference and chickpeas are warmed through.  Bam! Easy dinner and if you aren’t too tired or have left over cooked tofu you can throw that with it too.

A breakfast staple of mine is Scrambled Tofu.  I love eggs and when I’m not vegan I eat eggs almost every morning but I always feel awful for doing so (part of the reason I try to eat vegan most the time is because I get so sad eating animals).  Scrambled tofu takes the place of my eggs when I am vegan and tastes yummy and almost the same!  So for the “new to tofu people” when you use tofu you have to drain it and get all the water out of the block.  I try to use towels so I don’t waste paper and put something heavy (cans or coffee maker) on top of the block to push out the moisture, one day I hope to have a tofu press! When you make scrambled tofu I recommend only using 1/4th to 1/2 the block depending on how many people you are feeding (don’t forget to get a tupperware and put the rest of the tofu in water and back in the fridge!).  I press my tofu for less time because it doesn’t matter as much when making scrambled tofu.  You break up the block into crumbles and toss it into a heated pan (again over medium heat) and start to sautee.  I usually have already warmed up olive oil and garlic (surprise, surprise!).  You can add veggies if you like before you add the tofu or you can do it plain and add stuff afterwards.  Sometimes I throw the finished scrambled tofu into a gluten free tortilla with some refried beans (which are usually always canned).  The tofu is done before it starts to turn brown.

I hope that helps some of you guys out there! I know it is a very general post but I wanted it to be a starting point.  Like I said post comments if you like.  If you are interested in being vegan and want a post about something specific post a comment and I will do my best 🙂

For more recipes or ideas check out these other posts:
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Color Run 2016 – My First 5k in 2 Years!

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile, I’m so sorry!!  The end of the semester is always a crazy time for me.  Teachers think it’s a great time to make everything due, add additional work, basically just try and make us go crazy!  2 weeks left until I am done with this semester and I couldn’t be happier (or busier).  This summer I am going to try and make this blog my main priority sense I will only be  working not going to school.

So as you may remember Savannah and I have been running a lot.  We were training/just getting in shape for the Color Run we signed up for awhile ago.  Well today was the day that we ran it!  Well, I ran/walked and Savannah killed it running.  I have been having a lot of pain below my knee and into my shin, originally I thought it was shin splints (I get those all the time) but I think it might be something else.  Unfortunately I don’t have health insurance so I can’t get it checked out.  Here was me the night before the race:


I had hoped to run the whole thing because last weekend I finally ran almost the full 3 miles but the race had tons of hills and I’m just not in that kind of shape yet.  😦  Anyways, it was Savannah’s first 5k EVER so I was super excited for her to experience the excitement of running a 5k with tons of people.  She was so excited and we took tons of pictures!  The color run is a fun run so there is no pressure to run your hardest which is why I told her it would be a good 5k to start with.  It was great for me because I didn’t have to worry about being far in the back because so many people walk the whole thing.  So Savannah finished in about 28 minutes!!! I finished in about 40 and managed a 13:30ish min/mile pace even with walking (pretty slow still but I’m okay with it).  I loved seeing all the families running with their kids!  I think introducing exercise to your kids when they are young is the best way to go.  There are so many obese children (and adults) now that it makes me sad.  I wish I lived closer to the three kids/teenagers that I love dearly so that I could get them running with me!  I know we would have a blast 🙂  We are now hoping to train for a 10k but first I am going to try and heal my leg with long walks with the dogs until the pain goes away.  I can’t sit back and do nothing so I figure walks with the dogs will be good for them and me!  Enjoy the pictures below and if you haven’t ran a 5k get out there and do it!


Stage 1 of getting ready


Stage 2 of getting ready


Loved the Theme!



During the color throw!IMG_2185


Some questions for you readers:

Have you ever ran a 5K?
Would you ever run a 5K? Why or why not?

I would love to have some interaction from you all!  Have a wonderful day:)