Whole30 Has Opened My Eyes

Well guys, I’m on day 12 of the Whole30 and I’m doing GREAT!  I was really worried if I would be able to keep up with everything Whole30 but I joined a facebook group, did research, I’m currently listening to It Starts with Food when I work out, and made sure I had lots of meal ideas pinned.  Interestingly enough all that research and prep didn’t prepare me for how much I was going to LOVE Whole30!  Is it something I will do 100% after the 30 days, no but I plan (as of now) to stay paleo about 80/20% of the time.  I honestly have only missed one thing so far being on this diet and that’s wine…. lol

I feel so much better eating healthy.  The main part of Whole30 is to find out what foods your body reacts poorly too and to detox your body.  I knew grains made me feel gross but I always forget how gross they make me feel until I eliminate them from my diet.  I had no clue that sugar was literally in EVERYTHING!  I looked at my garlic salt the first day of the whole30 and found sugar…. eww!

The downfall of the Whole30 and any lifestyle that eliminates bad ingredients, preservatives and all that other crap is that you have to cook almost solely at home and almost 100% homemade.  It is a lot of work… is it too much work for changing my life? Absolutely not! I used to prep my food all the time each week back when I was healthier and in better shape so I know I can do it.  I’m preparing myself for Sundays again when I spend 3ish hours in the kitchen cooking and then cleaning.  School starts next Tuesday so this weekend is week 1 of prepping ALL my food and having meals already broken into each serving so I can grab and go.  Wish me luck!!

Hope everyone else is doing well with their fitness journey or whatever journey they are on 🙂

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