Prepping My Life for the Best Me

Have you ever thought about what would make you the best you?  I have, I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can improve myself because I am never satisfied with what I have accomplished, sad but true.  Along with getting my body in shape and getting healthy I need to focus on getting my mind healthy as well.  I struggle with anxiety (different types) and other mental health conditions that have always affected my health, mentally and physically.  So I had to take some time, do some soul searching, and think… what makes the best me?

Here’s what I came up with and will be focusing on.  My best physical me will be in shape (this does not mean super skinny, ripped, or anything else society has deemed “in shape”).  For me, in shape means being able to do a 5k without thinking about it, going for a hike with friends without worrying about how hard it will be and if I can do it, and doing any other nonextreme physical activity without having to worry about being too heavy or out of shape.  I just want to be healthy and in shape.  Of course, I may change my focus every now and then and try to get more muscles or lean out but for now I just want to be healthy and in shape, both of which I am NOT right now.

My best mental me will be nicer to myself.  I can be my own worst enemy and that needs to stop.  I need to be my #1 fan, my cheerleader.  I am lucky enough to have wonderful people around me who are great cheerleaders but I need to be one for myself.  I need to change the way I talk to myself.  This is the hardest part for me because having anxiety means that I over think, over criticize, and tell myself that everyone doesn’t like me or I said something stupid.  I’m hoping that with working out and eating right my anxiety is less active.  It has been proven that working out is great for your mental health.

The last and final thing I will focus on goes along with being the best mental me. I need to remind myself I am worth it.  Whatever “it” is for the moment I am worth it.  I work hard, I try to be a great friend, sister, daughter but for some reason I don’t think I’m worth anything special.  I always tell myself I didn’t work hard enough, I wasn’t nice enough, etc… I want to remind myself I am worth it!

Now, if you have made it this far you may be wondering why I am writing all of this stuff down about being the best me when I recently said that I was going to be writing about my fitness journey and whole 30 and that is what I am going to focus on for my blog but can one actually get physically healthy and stay that way if you don’t focus on how to be the best you?  I don’t believe so.  I wanted to give a little idea of what I was focusing on while on this journey to being the best physical me.  I like to read about what other people are struggling with because it helps me understand where their writing comes from.  If that’s not your thing, no worries, I won’t be doing it alot 😉

Today is the day, I am prepping all my Whole 30 food for the next week and cleaning out my fridge of anything that may tempt me.  I am great at staying on task, most the time, if there is nothing tempting me, and I have no energy to run to the store.  lol  I am going to do a post probably tomorrow about what I prepped for the week, how I set up my planner now that it’s not blank, and all about my first weigh in for the Tons of Fun challenge (eek).

Until next time, tell me:

What do you need to focus on to be the best you?


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