I’m Obsessed with My Fitness Planner

Yes I know it’s Christmas Eve… So why am I blogging? Because I already celebrated Christmas last week when my mom was in town.  I didn’t go home this year and surprisingly I’m totally ok with being alone.  My plans are to sit on the couch with my dogs and watch Christmas movies.

So now for the real reason for this post.  I got the Happy Planner Fitness Planner from Me&My Big Ideas.  This is the exact planner kit I got from Michael’s.  As you can see it is sold out online but I have found some on ebay and I’m sure you can still find it at Michael’s but you better hurry because mine was pretty picked over this morning.  However, if you can find it at Michael’s they have their planners on sale for 60% off!  I usually only buy things from Michael’s if they have sales or I have coupons because I’m a craft-a-holic and would go broke if I shopped regular price.  Here is what I picked up in two different trips except for the pens, those you can get here.


Here is the monthly layout I put together for January.  I have a list of my whole 30 recipes that I have pinned so if I get bored or want to choose something different to eat I can look at the list easily and go to pinterest straight to the pin I want instead of getting distracted for hours lol!  I marked my first and last days of my whole 30 plan and two rest days (those are going to be every Tuesday once school/teaching starts back up).  The Tons of Fun weigh-ins you see are for a group I joined through Fleet Feet Roanoke.  I am going to add Jess’ @ PT contender plank challenge once I get all the information on it :).  50430269168__bcdb4e61-a29d-4c8b-b267-2ac2ce2fb762

Here is a look at the week spread.  I made new lines because one of my goals is to not snack so I crossed out snack and gave myself more room to write my meals.  I focused on three goals for each week and wrote those on the side bar.  I have a feeling once I get used to this planner my weeks will look cuter and (obviously) more filled in.


I just wanted to share what I had done with the planner to make it work better for me.  Of course, everyone has to find their own way of doing things but I know I like to see other examples and take stuff from all the examples I see to make a planner I like.  I bought the extra stickers because the four pages of stickers weren’t enough for me so some of these stickers are from the additional stickers and did not come with the planner kit.  I also bought the washi tape and the borders at the top of the paper are from the Deco Pens shown at the beginning of this post.


  1.  Does you have one particular thing that helps you keep up with your planner?
  2.  Are you keeping a fitness planner for 2017?
  3. What else should I add to my planner?

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