Wow! It’s been awhile guys…

Hey all, it’s me, the “blogger” who doesn’t blog.  Can I even call myself a blogger if I haven’t blogged in months? My guess is probably not.  I’m on Christmas break from school so I have time again to focus on writing posts.  I don’t have a ton of fun exciting things planned for this break because I’m a broke college student and because I just want to rest.  Blocking (a type of student teaching) wore me out this last semester.  I had a wonderful CT (cooperating teacher), class, and placement but I wanted to take on so much more than I had to that I got overwhelmed and super sick!  With no insurance I didn’t go see a doctor, until a few days ago (over a month of being sick)…. Turns out I have bronchitis.  Advice to everyone… go to the doctor sooner than a month after being sick!

So anyways… my main reason for trying, once again, to keep up with my blog is that I need to keep myself on track with my health and wellness goals.  I don’t want to be unoriginal but it’s time to get myself healthy again and 2017 is going to be that year.  However, because I NEVER start anything on January 1st I will be starting the process of becoming healthy again on December 31st.  I am going to start with Whole 30 and will try to keep up with posting the recipes I use on here.  I used to be super healthy and in shape and I am frustrated that I let myself completely go.  I am hoping that by blogging about my process of getting healthy and back in shape will keep me accountable.  I would love to have supporters and fellow health seekers follow my blog and communicate with me.

My workouts are going to be different then ever before.  I used to run all the time and I have been trying to focus on running again but with my weight and some on going injuries running is not possible right now.  I am going to focus on getting in shape to hike the AT ( disclaimer I have wanted to do this way before the book Wild came out).  I will be doing a lot of cardio but I am going to incorporate weights into my workouts as well.

To keep me accountable offline I am using the Fitness planner from me & my BIG ideas.  I think they maybe sold out online but I was lucky to find mine at Michaels for 30% off about a week ago!  I am going to try to do a post before I start this journey and show you all my planner and my plans.


  1.  Is anyone else making a life changing decision soon?
  2. What do you think of me changing to focus on my fitness goals instead of my random life?
  3. What would you like to see me blog about?

3 thoughts on “Wow! It’s been awhile guys…


    I love reading about fitness so I’m excited to see more about your fitness journey! I am getting back into a healthier lifestyle right now too, so you’re not alone & you definitely got this :)) also im doing a plank challenge in January if you wanted to do it with me. Glad i found your blog!


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