Adventure in Another City

This last weekend was wonderful!  Saturday, Savannah and I headed down to Charlotte, NC for the Miranda Lambert concert.  Well Savannah went for Miranda Lambert, I went for Kip Moore!  I have been a huge fan of his since I saw him a few years back at the West Virginia Fair before he was big.  He’s great to his fans and sings wonderful music!  Anyways, getting off topic lol

I am a huge city girl! I love the tall buildings, the people walking on the streets and everything about the city atmosphere.  We left midmorning to head down to explore Charlotte some before heading to the PNC Pavilion.  If you haven’t been to the PNC Pavilion for a concert you are missing out, it is great! But more on that later.  Traffic was awful going down into Charlotte but we made it in one piece, thankfully lol  Our first stop was Amelie’s for coffee.  I love Taralynn’s blog and she always raves about Amelie’s in her posts so I had to try it!  Savannah and I were NOT let down!  The coffee was delicious and the atmosphere was even better!  I love that we could sit outside and people watch as we drank our coffee.  We were complimented numerous times in less than 5 minutes in there and everyone was so nice!

After sitting for a few minutes we got up and decided to explore.  It was supposed to be around 98* that day but luckily it didn’t feel that hot so it made for perfect walking weather.  Uptown Charlotte is so clean!!  As I said I love cities but I have not found one as clean as Charlotte, at least Uptown.  There was Taste of Charlotte going on and we walked through there to see what they had but it was so hot and we had dinner plans we didn’t try anything.  I wish I would have had more time to explore but I am going back next month with my mom and sister-in-law so we can explore much more then!!!  By the way, I have no idea who this statue is of but it’s a girl with her dog so I had to take a picture! 😉
After we walked around for a bit we headed over to Cantina 1511.  It’s Savannah’s favorite place down and she talked about it so much we decided to eat dinner there before the concert. Can I just say how happy I am that we ate there??  It was so delicious, filling, and fresh!  We both got the Chicken Tostada Salad.  Savannah got a bunch of stuff on the side so I added it to my salad.  I decided to not get dressing on it, I try not to eat dairy because it makes my stomach hurt plus why not choose to be healthy?  I put salsa on my salad in place of dressing.  Their chips and salsa were to die for.  I can’t wait to go back and eat there again.  Plus, on top of everything being so yummy I walked out of there spending only $10, a huge win for a broke girl like me 🙂  I already told my mom when we visit we HAVE to go back here because I know she will love it.
Cantina Salad

After eating we decided to drive around a little and then head to the venue for the concert.  Another thing I noticed about Charlotte is that there is greenery and fountains everywhere!  You are in a city but they keep it so green and lush that you don’t feel like you are surrounded by concrete.  We got to the venue super early and thought we would have to wait to park but they let us in AND parking was free.  Everyone started pulling out their tailgating essentials, you know tents, lawn chairs, food, drinks, etc.  Savannah and I looked around and I was like, “dang girl we didn’t come prepared, I have all this stuff” lol  What did we bring with us? Blanket, towels, and drinks haha  Most the people we parked by were super nice and fun so we kinda jumped from group to group.  So many people were playing corn hole!  Until I moved to the East Coast I had never seen corn hole and now it’s everywhere. While we were playing corn hole with this two people Savannah’s “boob” fell out of her shirt. I say “boob” because she had on the sticky boobs that you wear instead of a bra… girl problems!  But it was hilarious and we of course took a picture!
Savannah BoobCorn holeTailgatingTailgate drinks

We went into the concert a little early to get a decent seat on the lawn.  I love lawn seats because you can lounge, stand, dance, and they are cheap.  It was so hot by the time we got in I wanted to die but there was a misting area so I handed my phone to Savannah and jumped in!  The opening band was ok but I was waiting for Kip to come on.  He always puts on an awesome show and this time was no exception.  I had never seen Miranda Lambert but she put on a great show too, I would definitely go see her again.  We both had a blast but man the drive home was rough!  I can’t complain too much because Savannah drove the whole way but I stayed awake instead of sleeping like I wanted too 🙂  I can’t wait to go back down to Charlotte, I’m sure I’ve said that numerous times already but our vacation can’t come soon enough!
Drink venueWaterClouds skySelfie with venueSelfieConcert VenueConcert Group
1.  What is your favorite person/band to see live?
2.  Any places I have to check out next time I’m in Charlotte?
3.  What’s your favorite city?



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