Another Adventure: Bike Riding on the Huckleberry Trail

I have been super excited to share my bike riding afternoon with you all because I love the pictures I took.  The reason for the delay in posting?  I don’t have a cord to hook my phone up to my computer and it was taking forever to get the pictures onto my computer!  Now that they are on the computer I get to share the post 🙂

Savannah and I have bikes that we had great plans to ride all the time this summer but with all “great plans” it didn’t happen like we wanted but we did go ride them last week and had a blast.  The weather has been so hot that I have not been outside to workout nearly as much as I should be.  It’s not all the weather’s fault though but those reasons are for a whole other post.

So anyways last week after we got off work we decided to hook up the bike rack to my car and go ride the Huckleberry Trail.  This trail is so cool and long!  We only went 3.5 miles in and then turned around but there were still miles to go1  It has information about the coal mining that used to go on during certain parts of the trail which is pretty cool if you like history like I do.
coalCoal train
The trail also goes over some railroad tracks; some that are still in use and some that are no longer.  This area of Virginia was a group of railroad towns back in the day.  I’m obsessed with railroads. I love to take pictures, walk on them, sit by them, whatever!  I think this love comes from when I was little and I would spend time with my grandma down in San Diego.  Her house was right on a cliff over looking the beach (hence my love of the beach) and the railroad tracks.  I remember playing on them all the time with my cousins and falling asleep to the sound of the train in bed when I stayed the night.  Railroad tracks are just something that make me feel at home so of course I took pictures and Savannah and I took a break to play on them too 🙂
signRR CrossingRailroad tracksMe RailroadSavananah Tracks
The trail also has a bunch of really cute bridges; some small, some big.  It also has some hills… My bike is a beach cruiser which means it’s heavy, has no gears, and is a pain in my butt (literally too) to get up hills.  I know if I was in better shape it would be easier but either way I wish I had a couple gears to help me out.  The best part about the hills is when you make it to the top and get to go FLYING down them!  At one point we were flying down a hill (the largest one we had to get up) and I was going so fast I couldn’t help but smiling.  I’m pretty sure I ate a ton of bugs going down that hill and I don’t care.  I also almost lost my hat!  I was going so fast that my hat flew off my head but luckily I had my hair through the back so it caught it.  I’m sure I was quite a sight!  At our turning point we stopped to take some pictures because it was just so pretty out.
1trailopen fieldBiking pictureBiking
I may not always love where I live but I sure do appreciate it’s beauty!  I know when I move next month I will have to find more trails to ride and make Savannah come visit so I don’t have to ride alone!

As a disclaimer: I am probably the WORST bike rider!  I know I scared a few people on the trail because I would look at them to say hi and then start to lose control of the bike and head straight towards them!  I would love to become a better rider and I know that will come with lots of practice, I hope… Savannah and I plan on riding again tomorrow and I’m hoping to go further than we did last time.
I wasn’t going to post many pictures of myself on this post/blog because I am not happy with how I look right now but I decided to because I like to see who is behind the computer screen when I am reading blogs and thought maybe my readers liked the same thing.  I plan on doing a post soon about my weight struggles and how I have overcome it and how I plan to again but I just wanted to share that little personal note about my pictures.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! 🙂

1.  Does anyone know the secret to keeping your butt from hurting when riding a bike?2.  What is your favorite outdoor activity?



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