Why You Need Adventure: The Hike that Didn’t Happen

Hey all!  Today I decided that I would go on a hike with Sampson.  I thought we could use a day together, just us.  We both love hiking!  It was a nice cool morning so after going to the gym with Savannah I came home, picked up Sampson, and took off.  I have never  hiked alone before so I was super excited.
I am a huge believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and doing new things and things that scare you.  I used to be really afraid of trying new things and pushing my limits but when I moved to Virginia four years ago I decided I had to start living my life differently.  I recommend that you try something new or scary as much as possible.  Sometimes I find myself living a boring life and staying inside too much.  When I start to feel that way I try to push myself out the door.
Sampson loves to take rides but always gets so excited!  He hates being stuck in the back but I feel that he’s safer back there so I try to keep him back there as much as possible. He has no issue showing me how he feels though!!
Dog carGuilty dogDog drivercalm dogSo along the drive up to the hike I saw some really pretty scenery so I decided to take some pictures so I could share them with you.  I’m trying to really add more pictures to my posts so you guys can enjoy the posts more.

beautiful sceneryscenerymountainsHorsesHorseWe were headed up to Buffalo Mountain which is a really cool hike. It’s short but the view is amazing at the top.  I made it so close to where we were going to park and then it happened… I got stuck!!! My car wouldn’t move. Normally this is when I would freak out. Instead this time I took a minute to breathe and think.  I went in reverse, messed with my steering wheel, and was able to get unstuck.  I tried to go up the hill again (YES IT WAS ONLY A HILL).  I almost flipped my car which did freak me out! As soon as I realized what was happening I stopped and again took a breath.  I figured out how to not flip and tried again.  I continued to try for probably 5-10 more minutes but I just couldn’t figure out how to get up with the road being so rough.  I should have taken pictures of what I was dealing with but that was not where my brain was.
This is why the title was “Why You Need Adventure in Your Life.” This drive, or this section of the drive, was my adventure.  I used to not be able to handle things like this. I used to call my parents and cry and cuss and not be able to calmly process how to fix this situation.  When you have adventure in your life you learn how to deal with things differently, calmly, better than you used to.  I feel that adventure makes you use a different part of your brain. I don’t know if that’s a scientific fact but I think it makes me use a different part of my brain lol
I tried to find another close hike but I had no service on my phone. When I did get service I looked up hikes but couldn’t find anything good close by and I didn’t want to drive another hour in a different direction so I decided to take Sampson to the dog park for about 15 minutes and then come home for a nap.  My plan is to take Sampson and Harvey for a walk when Savannah gets off work tonight so we all get some exercise in.

Questions for You All:
What are some hikes you love in your area? (state where you are so we can visit!
Have you ever found that adventure makes you use a different part of your brain?
Do you have a dog that likes to show how he/she feels while driving in the car?


2 thoughts on “Why You Need Adventure: The Hike that Didn’t Happen

    • Amy says:

      When Sampson was a puppy I bought him a belt… he was out of it before we left the parking lot and it was the break free kind that was supposed to be top notch! lol On long drives I let him sit in the backseat not all the way in the back to keep him happy 🙂


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