Dog Days – Catching up with Sampson & Harvey

I have been feeling like a crappy dog mom lately. I have had to work a lot and I feel that while I give my dogs tons of attention when I’m home that they just haven’t been themselves.  While some people may not understand what I’m saying I know my dog people totally get it 😉  My work schedule has calmed down for a bit this week and I have been enjoying having more free time.  Yesterday I had energy and decided it wasn’t fair for Harvey to be so hot in his fur coat and it was time to groom him.  Normally I try to have a friend or my mom help me because 1) I’m not a professional dog groomer 2) I need about 20 hands to hold him, shave him, pet him, etc, this time though Savannah and my schedules were just not working out and I had to take this grooming thing into my own hands…. I had planned to do the Schnauzer cut the best I could but then Harvey MOVED! Yep, half of where I didn’t want to shave was GONE!  So my plan changed… he would get a “summer” cut with a long face and partially shaved legs.  He was so good during the whole thing until the end and he was just over it so I had to stop even though he looks silly.  The good thing is he isn’t panting anymore!

That was last night…

This morning I woke up to meet Savannah (you remember my workout partner) at the gym at 8 am.  I was so proud of myself for getting up that early.

After a short workout I came home and decided I HAD to take my dogs for a walk!  It wasn’t too hot yet and now that Harvey was shaved I wasn’t afraid of him dying of heat.  We walked down to the dog park and I let them play for about an hour (usually they play for longer but they made 2 friends today and it must have worn them out).  I miss living by the beach so much and wish I could take a walk with the dogs every day to the west coast, obviously way too far, but I am lucky enough to have the New River right by the dog park.  So after they wore themselves out (kinda) at the dog park we walked down the path to the river.  They both love playing in the water but in very different ways.  Sampson runs and jumps in and starts splashing around while Harvey runs in and prances on the shore; I’m just happy they both like the water because we WILL one day live by water (not just a river) again!  We walked home after a few minutes because they were starting to look like they wanted to run the wrong way (away from the river).  I take the leash off when we go to the river so they can have fun because they are so good at not going too far but when Sampson keeps trying to go too far I put them back on the leash and we head home.  There are very few places I feel comfortable having my dogs off leash, luckily, the river is one of them.

We walked home and they passed out, which was perfect for me because I planned to sit outside and read my newest book in the sun!

P.S. If you haven’t “met the dogs” yet check it out to read about the coolest dogs ever!


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