Weekend Recap: It was finally sunny!!!!

As you might have noticed from the title, it was sunny for part of this weekend!  I was having a really hard weekend with my anxiety and I could barely do anything BUT sometimes I try different things to make myself feel better.  This weekend started out really rough.  Friday I was supposed to get off at 1:00 and see my friend Abby who was packing up her house because she moved up to Northern VA.  It was the last time she would be in town for awhile and I really wanted to see her and spend time with her.  Unfortunately, work needed someone to cover the 3-5 shift and no one wanted to respond to my texts so I got guilted (is that a word?) into it.  I was so angry, anxious, frustrated, and sad.  This isn’t the first time that work had made me cancel my plans with Abby (who only was in town for 1 and a half days the last few weeks).  I told myself it was extra hours, which equaled extra money for my move (I haven’t done a post on that yet…I’m still in denial).  So Friday I was really upset and couldn’t calm down no matter what I did.  I was snapchatting Savannah (she was out of town) and she made my day because she said we could do pool time on Saturday!  So Saturday I went to work, got off and ran to the grocery store because I was craving a really good salad and I had nothing to make a salad with, and ran home to get ready to lay by the pool and relax.

CloudsSummer SelfieSavannah ZoPool

Laying out was wonderful!  The sun burning my skin is one of my favorite feelings (I am aware this sounds absolutely insane but as long as I remember I have loved that feeling).  We had a couple drinks and laid out catching up; I had a great time.  We made a new “friend” some random pool guy and I ran into a girl from school so we decided to all hang out together, the more the merrier!  I was hoping to go to a bonfire at my friend Valerie’s dad’s house because she was in from New Jersey but they changed it to Sunday so after the pool I came home and made a HUGE salad and watched my newest obsession, Jane the Virgin.  The salad was so big I was stuffed when I finished it! It had kale,croutons, sunflower seeds, avocado, quinoa, tofu, mushrooms, chia seeds, zucchini, and this super yummy vidalia tomato dressing on it.  I’m not usually a salad person but when I crave them watch out!  TV salad

Sunday I woke up to an overcast, sad looking day. I had a headache (migraine was more like it and was dealing with some serious anxiety) I’m not sure why my anxiety has been so bad this last week besides the fact that I haven’t been taking my medicine (whoops!)  Usually I can deal a week without it but something is setting me off and I wish I knew what it was.  I called in my prescription and had planned to go pick it up later that night.  However, I ended up taking migraine medicine and falling asleep for awhile.  I hoped that when I woke up I’d feel better but I still just wasn’t feeling myself.  Valerie texted me telling me to come over but I was so blah I couldn’t do it.  😦  I get so frustrated when my anxiety gets the best of me.  I know I can only do so much and it’s something I have to live with but sometimes (okay all the time) I wish I didn’t have to deal with it.

While, Sunday was a rough day, Saturday made my whole weekend!  Being able to catch up with Savannah, lay in the sun, and put my toes in the pool (only my toes because it was so dang cold!) made for a positive weekend.  I am hoping to get my medicine tomorrow and go to the library to get some new books because I finished mine.  If it is sunny I plan on trying to get some more sun!

How was everyone’s weekend?

Do you ever have one day make the whole weekend feel like it was great?


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