Table Thursday: “Chicken” and Avocado Tacos

So I have decided to try out a weekly goal of two posts per week (we’ll see if I can manage that!) and making Thursday’s focus on food. Thursdays should be pretty easy to keep up with since it’s my day off and I usually tend to make better food on that day because I don’t have to rush to work. Today I made some yummy scrambled tofu with mushrooms, vegan breakfast patties (Kroger brand) and heated up some refried beans. That is NOT the recipe that I am sharing today though.

The other day I wasn’t feeling well but had to go to work and was hungry. Normally I am all about the spicy foods. I add cayenne pepper to everything and salsa is usually a must too, however, when my stomach hurts I want nothing to do with anything spicy! This day I wanted something super plain to eat, no veggies (they hurt my stomach sometimes if I have a stomachache already), no spicy foods, and something that was comforting but filling. I started searching through my food supplies and decided I wanted my vegan chicken strips (Kroger brand) and an avocado, plus add in some tortillas because hell I’m Mexican! This recipe was the easiest thing to throw together; I don’t even know if it can be called a recipe but I thought you all might like to have a quick dinner idea one day 🙂

AvocadoVegan Chicken


Kroger brand (or Gardin) vegan crispy chicken strips


Corn tortillas

Some kind of spray oil to keep the “chicken” from sticking to the foil while baking


Cook “chicken” according to the package

Cut avocado into strips

Heat tortillas on skillet right before the “chicken” is finished

Fill tortillas with sliced “chicken” and sliced avocado and EAT!

Super simple, takes about 20 minutes (mainly cooking time), and isn’t spicy for those who like more plain foods.

Oh, and the most impressive part it’s super cheap! I find that people don’t eat healthy because it’s “too expensive” but its not! Avocado was on sale, you can get a huge pack of corn tortillas for under about $2 and the Kroger brand “chicken” is a about $3ish. I am thinking about doing a series of posts about eating healthy on a budget because I hate the excuse “it’s too expensive” because I am a poor college student who can eat healthy without going broke! Anyways I hope you all enjoy the “recipe.” Sorry for the lack of pictures this time (oh and no after picture b/c I ate it too fast!)


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