Summer Reading: I’m Still a Little Nerd Girl At Heart


For as long as I can remember I have loved reading, books of my choice of course ;).  Growing up I would count the number of books I could read during the summer, I don’t remember what the highest was but I remember one summer I wanted to read 100+ books! Again, I don’t remember if I did but I know I at least probably got close… The summer I read Gone With the Wind was my favorite summer; it was the summer I found my all time favorite book!  Scarlett O’hara was the most amazing, strong, crazy lady I had ever read about and she became one of my heroine (I am aware that most people think that she is a very evil person but she overcame so much in her life that I can’t help but think of her when I struggle sometimes).  Anyways, I still love to read during the summer, it’s the only time I have that isn’t consumed with education books, articles, lesson plans, etc.  I have very limited money so I wasn’t sure what I would do this summer because normally I buy my books.  I realized that there is no need to buy books that I most likely won’t ever read again so I used my library card and went to see what I could find.

I love David Baldacci books, especially the Camel Club series.  I found one of those Stone Cold at the library so I snatched that up!  I was just going up and down the isles looking and reading about books to see what else I wanted to grab.  I am a really fast reader so I knew I needed at least 2 books to keep from coming back right away.  I found a Judy Blume book Summer Sisters so I decided that sounded like a good “summer” read.  I was already in the middle of a book And the Good News is… by Dana Perino so I had to finish that book before I started another one, it’s a rule of mine.  That night I finished Perino’s book and started Baldacci’s book; I just couldn’t wait to read about what the Camel Club was going to get into this time!

Dana Perino’s book was really good!  At times it was almost like it was written just for me.  There were times, mainly when she talked about political people, that I got really bored.  It wasn’t her fault, it’s just that I didn’t know who she was talking about because I get really angry when it comes to politics so I try to not pay attention.  I actually had no idea who Dana Perino was until I read her book.  I absolutely am a fan of hers now and I am interested to see what she thinks of this next election we are having because I think it is a huge mess!

David Baldacci’s book was amazing as always but you had to make it through the first 50 pages or so to really get into the story.  I have never had to force myself to read his books so it was very odd to me that this book had a slow intro.  Don’t stop reading because it takes some time to get into it though!!!! This was a book that keeps you wondering and turning the pages like it’s a race.  It has two stories in one, both with some serious bad guys lol  I read this book quite quickly, the only thing that slowed me down was the fact that I had to work so much last week (stupid work getting in the way of my reading!)

Judy Blume’s book is okay so far.  Believe it or not I have never been a huge fan of hers.  I think I may have actually read this book before years ago but I can’t remember for sure.  Since I can’t remember there is no need to not read it again so I am about half way through.  It’s a good book it just isn’t really my type of book.  I like suspense and surprise and this is more of a coming of age story during the summers for two girls.

I can’t wait to finish Blume’s book so I can go back and get some more books to read from the library.  I realized I hardly ever, almost never go to the library any more.  I think that people need to start going and using the library for all it offers.  There is no reason to not go to the library and it’s a great place to find out new information, meet new people, find out about good books, etc.

The weather has been hot then cold then cold, cold cold but I have been able to get outside some and read on the porch.  The dogs love when we do that because then they get to bark at EVERYTHING that walks by.  Today I want to sit on my front lawn (I don’t have a back yard) but I don’t think I will let the dogs come because it isn’t relaxing when they freak out barking and pulling.  If anyone has any tips for controlling dogs barking at mainly other dogs I would be so grateful for the ideas!  I know I have some dog people following me so I hope that I get some kind of help.  I have tried coins in a can, ignoring, smacking on the butt, and putting in the crate (my least favorite because the crate is not a training tool).  I will not use any electric collars!  Those things scare me and I don’t think my dogs need to be electrocuted to learn, so any other tips than that would be awesome.  I hope that you all get to read some books this summer and while you’re at it check out your local library!!!

Here’s some reading pictures:


Harvey was over me reading… Look how shaggy he is!


Sampson Needed Attention

Porch Reading

This was a perfect day for reading outside

Bed Reading

Reading in bed while it rained



2 thoughts on “Summer Reading: I’m Still a Little Nerd Girl At Heart

  1. The Queen of Everything says:

    Who thinks Scarlett is evil?! Spoiled and entitled? Okay. Naive? Sure. Petulant? Absolutely. But evil? No way. Anyone who thinks that clearly never read the book nor understood its point.

    With the barking dogs, take out the one LEAST likely to bark and every time someone walks by (you have to pretend to read but instead, actually be vigilant of the surroundings -treat this as training session, not a reading session) start feeding the dog treats and say in a deep, low voice “no barking. Good no barking.” Repeat repeat repeat. Once you have the dog looking at you expectantly for a treat when a person comes into view (15 min training sessions, twice a day, for several weeks) , you can bring the second dog out at the same time and repeat repeat repeat. Toward the end of the 15 minutes be slower with the treats so the dog has a chance to bark. Once the bark occurs, immediately get up and take the dog in.

    I guarantee that if you do this, neither dog will bark at passersby without a direct command.
    Just as with children, punitive is arbitrary and praise is earned. If you want better behavior, you have to reward what you want and effectively discourage what you don’t.


    • Amy says:

      Some people have mentioned that Scarlett is a bitch, evil, etc… I think they are completely wrong! Thanks for the tips with the dogs, I’ll def be trying that out! 🙂


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