“Words of Wisdom” for Mental Health Awareness Month



Apparently May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health is something that I try not to talk about a lot, not that there is anything wrong with talking about it but the more I talk about it the more I am aware of my struggles. I just wanted to throw out some “words of wisdom” from just a “normal”, everyday person who struggles with her own mental health. These “words of wisdom” are for people who struggle, people who know people who struggle, and basically anyone else.

“Words of Wisdom” (there are “” because, well, who knows how wise I really am lol)

* There is nothing wrong with you!

* You deserve happiness just as much as the next person

* It’s okay to have to depend on medicine (this does NOT mean you are weak!)

* Yes, you have to work harder than “normal” people at “normal” things and feelings but that’s okay.

* Everyone isn’t talking about you

* Don’t be ashamed!

* Your family and friends will try to help you the best they can, remember they are not therapists they can only handle so much. (try to not throw everything on only one person)

* It’s okay to need a “mental health day” just don’t let those days take over your everyday life

* Do things that scare you; the more you work to push yourself out of your comfort zone the more you take control of your life

* Find something that helps you refocus (Mine is praying)

* You are not broken!

* It is not your fault; you did nothing to deserve this!


My mom always tells me “happiness is a choice.” Sometimes I get mad and tell her I don’t have the choice to be happy but that’s not true. Work on changing your self-talk from negative to positive and remember some people have to make the choice to be happy every mili-second of their life (I’m one of those people), it’s okay.


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