Quick Recap & the Happiest Dogs in the World

Sorry it’s been awhile since I wrote anything.  Between midterms and trying to keep up with everything else I have not had time to write any posts.  The week before midterms my dad was here visiting and we had a good time.  I got inducted into KDP, a honor society at my university, we went to a basketball game (my 1st ever) and just hung out.  Now I’m on SPRING BREAK!! The weather has (at least for now) changed to being in the 60’s and I couldn’t be happier.  With the weather change I have been trying to spend more time outside instead of in the gym which means my dogs are so happy!  They have been on walks everyday for the last 3 days and been to the dog park two of those times.  My dogs are great because they are very content being inside being lazy but also love to get out and explore.  Tomorrow we are going on our first hike of the season and I think all three of us (the dogs and me) are going to be quite excited to be out in the woods again.  I am hoping to have more posts coming soon and I’m hoping to post more frequently.  For now here are some pictures of my adorable dogs during and after the walk (excuse the mess in the after photo!).


Worn out pups



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