Happy Easter!

Today is Easter and most people will be spending time with their family, going to church, and thanking Jesus for rising from the dead.  I used to get to do all that and honestly I should have gone to church today but I slept in way too late.  Of course, I did thank Jesus for all that he did for us.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend time with my family. I was able to skype with my mom for about 30 minutes this morning but she had to get ready for people coming over.  I can’t wait until my parents move out this way and we can all be together again!  I absolutely hate being away from my family, they are my heart.

On Friday I decided that my friend Abby and I should color eggs.  I don’t remember the last time I dyed eggs and thought it would be a fun way to “celebrate” Easter.  I always go with her to work on Fridays, she works at a bar in downtown Blacksburg.  Afterwards we ran by Walmart to pick up what we needed; there are way too many choices now! I remember when I was a kid we had one choice, colors, now there are monsters, neon, pearl, paper mache,  painting, rolling, etc!  We went through each box and narrowed our choices to the original just color (with the white crayon of course) and a newer choice of pearly.  We had a blast dying eggs!  A few oops and messes of course but it was nice to go back to the simplicity of childhood for a little bit plus it gave us more time to catch up on what was going on in our lives.  We live right across town (our town is tiny) but only see each other about once a week.  I hate being an adult and having responsibilities so that I can’t see my friends all the time lol.



Peace Egg

My Best Egg


Earth Egg

Abby’s Best Egg

Easter Eggs


Running Weather, Finally!!!!

The weather is finally starting to stay slightly nice outside here and I couldn’t be happier about it.  As you all know I hate the snow and the gloomy weather so the fact that the sun is shining makes me a happy girl.  Tuesday was gorgeous and we took advantage of it by going down to the park and running the 2 mile loop.  It was the first time I had run outside in forever, I honestly I can’t even remember the last time I ran outside.  I was super nervous but also super excited to get off the treadmill and onto actual ground.  Look, don’t I look happy?? LOL

Running Selfie

The run was a struggle, I was running at about a 13:20 pace on the treadmill but outside my pace quickened to a very fast 10 something minute mile for the first mile and a much slower/half walk second mile.  Overall runkeeper said I had averaged 12:00.  Still extremely slow for where I want to be but still too fast for where I am physically right now.  Wednesday is weight training and indoor light impact activity day for me.  I struggle with horrible, awful, painful shin splits most the time and I have found that if I mix up my runs with some low impact cardio it helps.  Wednesday was rough, I had no interest in being inside and we workout out our arms and upper body YUCK!

Today though was great!  It was another beautiful day so we went back down to the park and did the loop again.  I tried to focus on my pace this time since last time I went a little too fast at first.  I failed!  When runkeeper said I had been running for 10 minutes I had already passed a mile…. what is going on?? I only had to walk twice this time around and I somehow found a way to slow my pace down on the second mile so I was proud of that BUT my average pace this time???? 11:43! I  had cut more time off my run.  I guess most people would be happy but I am trying really hard to get back up to three miles and speed isn’t my focus right now.  If anyone has any tips on how to slow my pace while running outside so that I can run longer please feel free to leave a comment!

Here are a couple pictures I took during my cool down.

ParkRiver 2

An Untraditional Spring Break Recap

Being 30 and still in college is difficult enough but being 30 and wanting to do fun stuff during Spring Break is even more difficult.  Obviously, I was not going to go down to Florida and party like I’m still 21; I would still be recouping if I had done that.  My friend Savannah (who IS 21) stayed in town to work so we basically hung out all week.  What I love about her is that while she is young she doesn’t act immature and make me feel like an old lady LOL  Another thing I love about her is that she loves working out, being outside, and exploring.  She is my workout buddy from a previous post and pushes me to push when I want to give up or slow down too much.

So for break Virginia decided to have some amazing weather, which I appreciated very much.  I have a really hard time during the winter here and usually by February I start to lose my mind and crave sun, warmth, and the ability to go outside.  Since the weather was going to be so great Savannah and I planned to go on 2 hikes.  We had planned to do the easier hike first and the more difficult one second but switched it around… that was an awful mistake. We each chose a hike we liked, I chose Kelly’s Knob, or so I thought I did.  I had only been there once and the directions online were crappy and didn’t take me where I wanted to go.  My moderate hike turned into a difficult hike, approximately 8 miles total and with a ridiculous incline.  The dogs absolutely loved this hike but even they were done at the end of it and slept the rest of the day.


Not too far into the hike, they were still full of energy!


Almost done with the hike and Sampson decided he needed to cool off


Amazing picture of the end of the hike that Savannah took.

Between hikes I had made the dogs an appointment to go to the vet.  They hate going to the vet probably as much as I hate going to any kind of doctor, dentist, person.  Sampson was due for a booster and Harvey needed to get micro-chipped. Harvey doesn’t always have a collar on because when he was younger he almost strangled himself so I don’t put a collar or even a harness on unless I am around and sometimes I am lazy so I’ll take him out with just the leash no name tag (I am aware how awful that is, which is why I got him micro-chipped).  When we walked into the vet I asked when Harvey’s shots were due, they were due next month so we got everything done at once.  I felt like the worst mom making them get poked and jabbed but I know it’s for the best.  The dogs were NOT happy, just take a look at these photos.

IMG_2081     IMG_2080

Our plan for the next hike was to go to Savannah’s pick of Buffalo Mountain.  We had planned to go two days after Kelly’s Knob but I couldn’t move.  My calves were so tight and in so much pain I knew hiking wasn’t an option so we went to lunch at Pollo Loco, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town (or at least my favorite!) and then went to get our nails done.  The nail situation was a disaster and to say the least we won’t be going back to the place we tried.  The lady was sweet but not really what we were looking for.  Friday I was feeling better so we planned to hike on Saturday morning.  Savannah promised it wouldn’t be as intense as Kelly’s Knob and I trusted her.  She was right!  I had a much better time hiking Buffalo and didn’t want to die afterwards.  Buffalo isn’t too far from her parents’ house so they invited us over to grill and hang out after our hike.  It was wonderful meeting them and her dad can sure grill like a pro!  Their place is beautiful with a great patio area to enjoy the perfect weather.  It was the best way to end our Spring Break!  I guess being 30 and still in college isn’t always bad! 🙂


Top of Buffalo


Top of Buffalo on another side


Quick Recap & the Happiest Dogs in the World

Sorry it’s been awhile since I wrote anything.  Between midterms and trying to keep up with everything else I have not had time to write any posts.  The week before midterms my dad was here visiting and we had a good time.  I got inducted into KDP, a honor society at my university, we went to a basketball game (my 1st ever) and just hung out.  Now I’m on SPRING BREAK!! The weather has (at least for now) changed to being in the 60’s and I couldn’t be happier.  With the weather change I have been trying to spend more time outside instead of in the gym which means my dogs are so happy!  They have been on walks everyday for the last 3 days and been to the dog park two of those times.  My dogs are great because they are very content being inside being lazy but also love to get out and explore.  Tomorrow we are going on our first hike of the season and I think all three of us (the dogs and me) are going to be quite excited to be out in the woods again.  I am hoping to have more posts coming soon and I’m hoping to post more frequently.  For now here are some pictures of my adorable dogs during and after the walk (excuse the mess in the after photo!).


Worn out pups