A Little Taste of Home – veganized!

IMG_2034 I have been super busy all week trying to do a ton of homework early and clean the house, which with messy roommates is a challenge.  My dad is coming into town tonight and he hasn’t seen my house or my college so I’m really looking forward to spending time with him and showing him around.  All the cleaning and organizing made me really hungry but I didn’t want to take the time to cook a time consuming meal.  Being a college student, even an untraditional one, you get home sick (a lot!).  I went to the store awhile back and saw some of those hard taco shells (the ones in the picture) and decided I wanted to make tacos like we used to growing up for a fast meal.  However, growing up we used turkey meat, real cheese, real sour cream, you know all the non vegan foods… Now that I am vegan I try to make old recipes vegan so that I still have “comfort” food.  This was one of the easiest meals to make vegan.  I started with the Simple Truth Meatless Crumbles and Trader Joe’s fajita veggies and sauteed them.  I mixed some Trader Joe’s Salsa and Tofutti Sour cream together to make a sauce.  While everything was cooking I opened up a can of refried beans and heated them up in the microwave.  The last thing to do was throw the taco shells into the oven for a few minutes and try to not forget that I had bought lettuce to go with this meal!  Oh and when you take out the taco shells DON’T USE YOUR HANDS like I did, they are really hot LOL  The whole meal was done in probably less than 10 minutes and I only have a few dishes to wash.  It was a perfect meal for a busy day because it even allowed me time to write this blog before I got back to working on my homework.


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