Why You Need a Workout Partner and How to Know Yours is Badass

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Today I was feeling really crummy.  My stomach was in knots and I had no idea why, it may have been stress but it could have just been that I ate something that set off my sensitive stomach.  Yesterday I had texted my workout partner and asked if she wanted to go to they gym after our math class, knowing she would most likely say yes, which she did.  When it was time for class my stomach was getting worse but I couldn’t skip, plus if I skipped I knew I would not be productive at all today.  Throughout class I kept complaining that my stomach hurt.  My workout partner asked if I was sure I wanted to work out and I kept answering yes, without any sureness behind it.  Finally she said, just come sweat it out like I did last week when I was sick, you will be fine. That was it, she was right I was going to do this!  We had talked about how I should just walk but as soon as I got to the gym I knew I had to run.  Running is my therapy and I was determined to let my stomach know that I was in charge, not it.  I had a rough workout but I was so proud of myself for going and I was grateful for having a work out partner who made me go.

I know many people work out alone and it works for them but what about those days when they need to be pushed, who pushes them, or those days where you need to hear that you are awesome even if you didn’t do the best on your workout, who is their cheerleader?  I used to work out alone all the time. I loved the alone time, the me time, the not having to be “on” time but I always wished I had a partner.  If I am running outside I will probably always prefer to run alone and that’s okay with me but when I am confined to a gym, as I am most of the winter out here, I need a workout partner.  A workout partner is someone who texts you and says “gym?” or “we’re going to the gym after class, right?” A workout partner is there for you when you feel like going home, putting on comfy clothes and being lazy.  I personally think all gym goers need a partner.  Your work out partner doesn’t have to be on the same physical level as you, the same space as you working out, or even on the same work out plan as you but what they do have to be is someone you can count on.  They need to be reliable, pushy when needed, and understanding.  Basically, your work out partner is someone you know you will have to meet at the gym, someone who is waiting on you so you can’t back out but that you don’t have to work out with if that’s not your thing.

How to tell if your workout partner is a badass:

  1. They tell you you are working out even if you want to back out
  2. They encourage you
  3. They understand what kind of motivation you need
  4. They almost always want to work out when you do
  5. They have an understanding of why you work out
  6. They are positive, not negative (Negativity just brings everyone down)


Now go out and find yourself a badass work out partner and get sweating!!


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