Meet the Dogs

Sampson (aka Goof)


Sampson is a happy go lucky kinda guy.  He loves cuddling, pillows, blankets and being loved by all.  He loves to people watch out my bedroom window and alert me of the “dangerous” dogs walking by.  He loses all control of himself when it snows!  You would think he was a wild, untrained dog when he sees the snow coming down.  While he loves to be outside he prefers to be inside on the bed cuddling like a lap dog.  He also might be just a little spoiled by his owner….

Harvey Lincoln (aka Wiggle Butt)

HarveyHarvey Lincoln thinks he is the boss of the house.  Everything belongs to him; all the toys, the crates, his brother, me…  He thinks that anyone or anything out the window is dangerous and that he must alert the whole house.  He also loves the snow!  He enjoys being the same height of the snow and jumping through it with his brother.  He adores Sampson and honestly it is the cutest thing even if Sampson doesn’t think so all the time.  Harvey also might be just a little spoiled…


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