Who Needs Television?!

What got me thinking about starting a blog (again!) was that I was reading one of my newest found blogs http://www.barefootfive.com/ and she mentioned that she is able to write for her blog even with three kids because she NEVER watches TV.  I thought to myself, can I give up TV for a short amount of time?  After all I don’t watch anything that has a positive impact on me, I love my trashy shows.  If I stop watching TV will I have less anxiety and stress, will it help me sleep better, what are the positives of not watching any TV? So, I have decided to give up TV for a week. I know, most people probably will think a week is so weak, however, I am a strong believer in taking small steps when trying something new so that I don’t become overwhelmed.  Here goes nothing… no TV for a week, starting now.  Eek!!!!


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